Key characteristics of Shower PL8:

  • For First Fix Installations
  • Reduced Installation time
  • No depth planning required as it can take up any tile thickness
  • Pipes can be checked as level before tiling or Bar Valve fitment
  • Chamfered compression nuts for easy and controlled tightening
  • A plate design that eliminates lateral skew when tightening fixings
  • Perfect 150mm centers to fit 99% of bar-type showers
  • Once fitted the bar valve is extremely secure (can withstand a direct pull force of 130kg with no defects)
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Key characteristics of Fast Fixing Kit PL4:

  • For Second Fix Installations
  • Reduced installation time
  • Secures existing pipe work
  • Solid Brass construction
  • 4 fixing points per pipe
  • Chamfered compression nuts for easy and controlled tightening
  • Comes with high quality Stainless Steel Shrouds
  • 10 Year Guarantee